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Solution Wiz 

Solution Wiz allows you to promote your professional services to the world.  By creating an online profile, you can publish a summary of your skills and accomplishments along with articles, case studies, and a portfolio of your work.  This can serve as an online resume with details of your past employment, education history, and accomplishments.  Employers who are looking for more information can research detailed information about projects you were involved in.

Businesses who have need of your services can come here to search for people with the proper qualifications.  They can check your current availability and contact you using a simple contact form. You can respond directly to the employer to their e-mail address or anonymously using a respond to user contact form.

Individuals who are seeking to network with other like-minded individuals can do so using the same process.  Simply by searching for professionals with similar interests, professionals can get in touch with you quickly and efficiently.    You decide what information should be visible to the public and only that information will be shown to other users.